SSA.GOV Website Overview

SSA.GOV Website Overview

SSA.GOV Website Overview

If you’re a worker in the United States and you pay into the Social Security Administration (SSA) system, visit It’s a fast and easy way to get information needed concerning retiree, survivor, or disability benefits. can make it easier for all beneficiaries—including vision-impaired and disabled users—to conduct certain types of SSA-related business online.


It’s possible to obtain information or initiate other business via the Social Security Administration helpline (1-800-772-1213). However, it’s easiest for most current or future beneficiaries to transact most business from home. For instance, it’s possible to claim retirement benefits online for most beneficiaries. There’s no need to wait in the field office or endure a longer than usual on-hold time by going to My Social Security Account. Learn more about the tasks you can perform online now.

My Social Security Account

SSA wants to reduce beneficiaries’ time needed to transact most types of business on the website. Arranging a My Social Security Account at makes checking your SSA statement a simple task. Although SSA used to mail a hard copy of each future beneficiary’s statement each year, access to your account via My Social Security Account lets you decide the right time to check SSA-recorded earnings and credits. SSA recommends checking the statement at least once each year.

SSA programs help most Americans in all age groups. Retirement, dependent or spousal benefits, and disability programs (SSDI) are there for retirees, spouses, children, and people in all life’s stages. For instance, a disabled person, a mother or father, a young adult with a first job, a newly married husband or wife, a family member who lost his or her loved one, or a working person preparing for the future can find tools and info needed to request Social Security Administration services.

Apply for Retirement Benefits Online

If you’re planning to transition from work to leisure, it’s possible to claim your benefit online at The online application is user-friendly and saves both time and money. You won’t need to visit a Social Security Administration local office in most cases.

Refer to the handy checklist before you begin the online application. Completing the application online allows you to answer questions according to your schedule:

  • You can save your application at any time and return to it as desired. You won’t lose inputted information.
  • If you make a mistake, it’s simple to make changes at any point. You’re prompted to review the answers and make any corrections before submitting the application for benefits.
  • Completing the application online means you don’t spend money on stamps or a trip to the post office. You receive a receipt by email from Social Security after the application is submitted.
  • It’s also possible to check the status or progress of the online application. Use the confirm number in the receipt at any time.

If you submit an application more than 60 days in the future, you can’t check your application status until 30 days before you begin to receive monthly payments.

Consider Full Retirement Age

To maximize your monthly payment from Social Security Administration, consider:

  • Full Retirement Age (FRA): Based on the year you were born, your FRA will probably range between the ages of 66 and 67. Claiming your benefit before FRA can permanently reduce your monthly payment.
  • When to request your benefit: You may claim the benefit at age 62 or delay the benefit up to age 70. Payments are age-reduced, and claiming your benefit early or before FRA will forever reduce the amount of your monthly payment.

Consider your life expectancy as part of the financial planning process. If your family is long-lived and you’re healthy now, you may outline the average U.S. retiree. For instance, if you’re 65 now, it’s important to realize you’ve got a one-in-three statistical chance of celebrating your 90th birthday.


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