Social Security Online Account Setup

Social Security Online Account Setup

Social Security Online Account Setup.

Arranging a Social Security online account can simplify your financial life and save resources. The Social Security Administration online account setup process can be accomplished in a few steps. Start by visiting to get started.

You’ll need to supply a current email address, such as, to begin. If you don’t use email on a computer, you may already have an email account on your mobile phone. Contact your mobile provider to inquire about the email address associated with your mobile device. Refer to SSA Publication No. 05-10540 (January 2016) for more information about opening an online account.

Then, take the following steps to create a Social Security Administration online account.

Step 1: Click “Create an Account”

Supply your valid email address, Social Security number, and domestic U.S. postal address in the page. Check your work. If the information entered is accurate, click next.

The next screen will ask you to verify your identity. Type your name (first, middle initial, and last name, and/or suffix) into the page. Review the information you entered and correct any typographical errors. Click next.

The secure site will quickly verify your information and prompt you to the next screen.

Step 2: Create a “User Name and Password”

Next, the page will prompt you to create a user name plus password for Social Security My Account. After completing this step, you will receive an email or text with your activation code. Type the activation code into the page and double check your work. If it’s correct, click next.

Note: if you already received a letter with your SSA account activation code, you will need to refer to the letter. Enter the activation code into the screen and click next.

Step 3: Login to Your Online Account

Provide your username and password to login. With a Social Security My Account page, you can check earnings and estimate future benefits. If you already receive Social Security benefits, you can perform certain functions, including:

  • Request a benefit verification letter from Social Security Administration;
  • Update direct deposit information or initiate direct deposit of your monthly benefit from Social Security;
  • Ask for replacement tax forms (such as an SSA-1042S for noncitizen living outside the U.S. or SSA-1099 for beneficiaries living here);
  • Request a replacement of your Medicare card if you’re a beneficiary age 65 or older or a disabled beneficiary receiving Medicare.

You may need a benefit verification letter from Social Security Administration as proof that you receive SSA benefits, Medicare, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). A verification letter is sometimes referred to as a proof of income letter or a budget letter. You may also ask for a verification letter that states you haven’t received SSA benefits or to show that you’ve applied for an SSA benefit.

For instance, you may need a benefit verification letter to apply for assistance programs or energy benefits, to apply for a bank loan, or to rent a new apartment.

Request a Replacement Social Security Card Online

If you already have an SSA card but it’s worn or frayed, or you know the card isn’t lost, you may have the option to request a replacement via your Social Security My Account page. You must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old with a domestic U.S. mailing address, including an APO/FPO/DPO address.

Requesting a replacement card takes a few minutes and Social Security Administration replaces your card for free. Don’t pay a service to perform this task. Your replacement card should arrive within two weeks.

Not all states allow you to replace your card online. If you have a current driver’s license issued by the state of Arizona, Idaho, District of Columbia, Wisconsin, or North Dakota, or if you hold a state-issued ID or license from Iowa, Pennsylvania, Washington, Kentucky, South Dakota, Maryland, New Mexico, Michigan, Nebraska, or Mississippi, and you don’t require a name change or other changes to the card, you may request a replacement card online at

Protect Your Social Security My Account

Don’t share your Social Security My Account username and/or password with anyone else and don’t request online access for another SSA beneficiary or business entity even if he, she, or it permits you to do so in writing. Go to to learn more.

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